The Case of . . .

Hank Reinfeld, Plaintiff, v. University
of Idaho, Defendant, in the Idaho Bureau of Risk Management

    University of Idaho freshman Hank Reinfeld lived in a dorm with windows overlooking the street. Glancing down one afternoon, he noticed a couple of friends passing by. To get their attention he decided to "moon" them and climbed onto a heater, pulled down his pants, leaned his bare butt against the plate glass . . . and fell right through. Reinfeld plummeted three floors before landing on the ground, ultimately suffering a broken vertebra, compression fractures, deep cuts, and bruises on his hands, legs, and buttocks.
    Reinfeld left U of I and returned home to recuperate. While on the mend, the former freshman sued the university for not warning residents of the perilous nature of upper-story windows. Amused by the suit, residents of his dorm hung signs that read "Caution!!! Do not place buttocks against glass. Personal injury may result." Perhaps the greatest insult was delivered to Reinfeld via the Lewiston Morning Tribune, which ironically pointed out that Reinfeld "was not intoxicated" at the time of the incident. No doubt he wished he had been.

The Verdict, Please . . .
    This was one small step for man, one giant leap for loony lawsuits. The lack of gravity of Reinfeld's argument caused the state to deny the claim- no ifs, ands, or butts.

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