The Case of . . .

Edward Ranset, Plaintiff, v. Linford Richardson, Terry Frizell, Ronald O. Loveridge, and Jack Smith, Defendants, in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

    Edward Ranset broke into a house, tied up the occupants, shot two of the people (one of them point-blank in the neck), and then fled the scene. One of the victims managed to untie himself and call the police. Officers responded quickly and chased Ranset on foot. When he ignored their orders to stop, Ranset was shot by the cops. He pled guilty to numerous felony counts (it turns out he had permanently blinded one of the men he had shot) but wondered why the police had to be so rough. This incredulous criminal sued the chief of police and three others, accusing them of excessive force.

The Verdict, Please . . .
    Perhaps demonstrating the need for higher juror standards, a Riverside jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded Ranset $184,000. However, a trial-court judge shot down their dubious decision. A court of appeals also agreed to muzzle the plaintiff's claim.

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