The Case of . . .

William Bailey, Plaintiff, v. McDonald's Corporation, Defendant, in the Supreme Court of New Jersey

    John Parker made a pit stop at a McDonald's drive-thru window. After wedging his chocolate milkshake between his legs and putting his burger and fries onto the seat next to him, he headed back onto the road. When Parker leaned over to reach for his fries he inadvertently squeezed his legs together, causing the cold shake to leap out of its cup and onto his lap. A stunned Parker then plowed his car into the vehicle in front of him. William Bailey, who was at the receiving end of Parker's mishap, was not sympathetic. He sued Parker and McDonald's, claiming that the fast-food franchise neglected to warn customers of the dangers of eating and driving.

The Verdict, Please . . .
    The judge wasn't stirred, never mind shaken, by Bailey's claim. He dismissed his suit; however, he also denied McDonald's request that Bailey reimburse them for their $10,000 in attorney's fees. In the judges words, Bailey was "creative and imaginative and shouldn't be penalized for that."

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