Whiplash! America's Most Frivolous Lawsuits is a hilarious new book about the most outrageous cases found in America's courts. Written by James Percelay, a best-selling author and television producer whose work has appeared on Saturday Night Live, HBO, MTV and USA Network, Whiplash! inspired M-LAW to conduct a nationwide poll over the internet to let the citizens of America choose our nation's most frivolous lawsuit.
M-LAW officials selected five lawsuits from Whiplash! that represent the worst our courts have seen, and asked you to pick the "winner." Our internet poll was promoted on national news programs and drew the participation of thousands.

Pictured: John O'Hurley, host of the new To Tell The Truth, with M-LAW's Whiplash Award. One of O'Hurley's recent celebrity guests on the game show was James Percelay, co-creator of the Whiplash Award and author of the book, Whiplash! America's Most Frivolous Lawsuits. Many will remember O'Hurley as J. Peterman on the hit television comedy, Seinfeld.


M-LAW intends to use the Whiplash! Awards to expose abuse of our civil justice system much in the same way the Golden Fleece Awards expose wasteful government spending. Lawsuit abuse is a serious issue, but if we can use humor to get America thinking about how these lawsuits are piling costs on consumers, that's OK with us. If these lawsuits make you laugh, click here to buy a copy of Whiplash! If these lawsuits inspire you to get involved in the effort to return common sense to our courts, we urge you to become an M-LAW supporter by clicking here.

Whiplash! is published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

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